Keypad data reception

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I am doing a project which needs to interface a AT compatible keypad.
I find somethimes the keys returned is wrong. I used external
interrupt to obtain serial data from the PS2 interface. I suspect that
during reception timer interrupt or other interruptes make the data
conrrupted as some edges are missed.

What could I do? What is the usual method to do PS2-interface data
reception? Use another delicated MCU to do the PS2 data reception?


Re: Keypad data reception
We'd need more info like which processor you used,language,power supply,etc.

I've used the PIC16F84 for years as 'keyboard convertors'. Gads, showing my


Re: Keypad data reception
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The problem still exists after I have disabled all interrupts except
the external interrupt 0. The MCU used is ATMega32. The code is
modified from appnote AVR313 to GCC. The following is the code:

    static unsigned char data;//Holds the received scan code
  if(edge)//Routine entered at falling edge
        MCUCR=2;//Set interrupt on falling edge
    if(--bitcount==0)//All bits received
        //Routine entered at rising edge
        if(bitcount<11&&bitcount>2)//Bit 3 to 10 is data. Parity bit,
            //start and stop bits are ignored.
                data|=0x80;//Store a '1'
    MCUCR=3;//Set interrupt on rising edge

I found the problem happens more frequently when I typed fast.

Re: Keypad data reception
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Hi, your method should work ok, you are useing the clock edge as the interrupt
souce? If you have other higher priority interrups running that coould cause a
problem if they are long routines, try to shorten them.

Re: Keypad data reception (CBarn24050) wrote in message
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I have disabled all other interrupts and found the code runs without problem.


Re: Keypad data reception
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