instrumentation amp recommendations for PIC

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Using a PIC, we have to count some pulses from a HALL effect device and
measure some strain guages.

Any recommendations on a single voltage supply instrumentation amplifier
that we could use for both functions?

Re: instrumentation amp recommendations for PIC
On Wed, 19 Oct 2005 08:42:06 -0400, the renowned Anchor

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Both functions? The Hall device will probably have a digital output
and can go (more or less) directly into a digital PIC input. At most
you'd need a crude comparator with some hysteresis (perhaps the
built-in crude comparator which some PICs have).

Strain gauges require energization and usually some kind of
amplification before the typical on-board ADC, but the type of signal
conditioning required is very much dependent on the output voltage of
the sensor and required accuracy and stability. A silicon strain gauge
pressure sensor will probably be *much* less demanding than a metal
strain gauge load cell.

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