FPGA configration Data/Firmware

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Hi all

I have no idea regarding low level hardware.
I should firgure out something about ALTERA ACEX.
Question is like following.

1.Are the FPGA configuration data and the firmware different?
2.How can I extract FPGA configuration data from ALTERA ACEX to my PC?
3.How can I extract firmware in EEPROM to my PC?

What I want to do finally is extrating data from FPGA and EEPROM and
then copy to another fresh FPGA/EEPROM

Re: FPGA configration Data/Firmware

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If you didn't understand the answer that you were given three days ago then
you have a lot of learning to do. Go to www.altera.com and study pages like
this one http://www.altera.com/literature/hb/cfg/cfg_cf51001.pdf

But here are the answers to your questions.

1) My understanding is that firmware is program code and the Altera doesn't
use firmware. OK, I hear you guys say, what if it is running an embedded
processor like NIOS? In that event it will need firmware but since you
already need an external processor to configure the system then why would
you also want a NIOS?
2) The configuration data is likely to be embedded in the EEPROM that also
contains the external microprocessor's firmware. The first thing that this
processor will do is to upload the configuration from it's EEPROM to the
3) Extract firmware from an EEPROM with an EEPROM programmer.

If you want to copy the circuit, you'll have to include the microprocessor
and the EEPROM code.


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