firewire slave processors

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Another question on firewire : Who knows what are the available firewire
interface chips (slave side) ? Is there any microcontroller with firewire
interface built in, as we have for the usb (like Cypress's FX) ?

Many thanks,

Robert Lacoste - ALCIOM

Re: firewire slave processors
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In general, there are two 1394 interface chips; the Link Layer Controller
(Link) and Physical Layer Controller (Phy). This is to facilitate galvanic
isolation between the bus and the Node. For low-cost, low-power embedded
applications, there is Texas Instrument's TSB12LV32 Link chip and the
TSB41AB1 single port Phy chip. The TSB12LV32 can be configured to interface
to any CPU but has special support for the ColdFire CPU. Alternatively,
there are some System-On-Chip solutions around like Oxford Semiconductor's
OXUF922 mentiond recently in this group; this is SoC that contains 1394 Link

Re: firewire slave processors
Many thanks ! This newsgroup is really a wonderful resource !

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