cp15 register access

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i m trying to access cp15 registers in data abort handler. I understand
that to access cp15 registers u got to be in privileged mode, so as im
in data abort handler the mrc instruction should work. But as i do
compiler shows following error...

   58 0000008c  MRC  p15, #0, r1, c0, c0, #0
"/vobs/global/esf/bsp/boot/armthumb/regDump.s", line 61: Error: A1152E:
Unexpected operator
   61 00000090  MRC  p15, #0, r1, c0, c0, #1
"/vobs/global/esf/bsp/boot/armthumb/regDump.s", line 64: Error: A1152E:
Unexpected operator
   64 00000094  MRC  p15, #0, r1, c0, c0, #2
"/vobs/global/esf/bsp/boot/armthumb/regDump.s", line 67: Error: A1152E:
Unexpected operator
   67 00000098

for all the registers access using MRC instruction..
I am not able to figure out the problem...anybody can help me out?


Re: cp15 register access
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It seems you are not using the syntax that
your assembler requires.

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Re: cp15 register access
Try dropping the '#'.
Make sure you have the right value for opcode_2.
- Mary

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