CCS and Imagecraft

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I have been talking to all the embedded compiler companies about the
next version of MISRA-C   ie MISRA-C:2010  and their views on changing
the reference from  C95 to C99 as a basis.

So far I have not managed to get any response from Imagecraft or CCS  If
any one has a good contact for them (is does work for them) please let
me know

If  anyone works for an embedded compiler company I haven't contacted
please get in contact and I can feed you views on MISRA-C supporting C99
into the system.

We may well also want to ask other questions during the next two years
as well.  Also you may want to be on the review team.


\/\/\/\/\ Chris Hills  Staffs  England     /\/\/\/\/
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Re: CCS and Imagecraft
Chris, I will be sending you a response later on today. Thanks for the
inquiry. [ stack overflows...]
// richard

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