Authentication with RFID

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Hi All,

I'm looking for a low cost RFID solution that will support
There is no need for Write operation in the transponder or to encrypt
the data.

All the solutions I found so far are or to simple, only Read with no
uC, or to complex that support many more features which I don't need
and ,hence cost more.

Does someone have any idea for a solution for me.

Thanks in Advance

Re: Authentication with RFID

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How exactly do you think you'll reach some credible form of
authentication without encryption?

Hans-Bernhard Broeker (
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Re: Authentication with RFID
There is a big different from encryption a data and dual authentication.

Re: Authentication with RFID

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1) first, there is no authentication without writing
2) second, there is no sensible authentication without
3) third, whatever selfmade quick solution is definitely
    more expensive than whatever commercial product

Ing.Buero R.Tschaggelar -
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Re: Authentication with RFID
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Commonly implemented authentication solutions require *two* of:
* something you know (a password)
* something you have (a token)
* something you are (biometrics)

As a token, an RFID tag is a viable option. Authentication requires
more, but the tag might form part of a solution.

Even a two-way solution with cryptography (e.g. smart-card) still
only proves that the smart-card is present, not that it's in the
hands of the correct individual.

A secure transaction system (supporting *legally strong*
non-repudiation) requires a device encapsulating three features:
* display of the transaction (document being signed)
* authentication of the signer (keypad, thumbprint, etc)
* private-key signing of the document

If the display is ambiguous or misleading, the contract is non-binding.
If the authentication is faulty, the contract is non-binding.
If the cryptography is faulty, the contract is non-binding.
If the security of the relationship between these three is
faulty, the solution fails.

So you see that smart-cards (for example) *cannot* support legal
non-repudiation. So much for GWB's showy "signing" a law into effect
using a smart-card (a few years back).

Just pointing out that security is as much a human problem as a
technological one, and that there is no technological solution
which is not susceptible to legal dispute. And because of that,
we've developed legal and commercial means of living with low-
tech solutions like magstripe credit cards, etc.

Clifford Heath.

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