ATMEL AVR-programming using AVROSP on Linux? Does AVRDUDE support self-programming bootloa...

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Has anybody tried to port ATMel's own
AVROSP ("AVR Open-source Programmer",
see: )
for Linux? It seems otherwise quite generic
code, except that the module SerialPort.cpp
is wholly Windows-specific, so I need just
to create the corresponding interface using
standard Posix-interface to RS232-port.
Other possibility would be to run the
included Windows/DOS-executable AVRDUDE.exe
under WinE in Linux, provided there doesn't come
any problems with serial port settings, etc.
Has anybody done that?

Otherwise I would be quite happy to use
Avrdude ( ),
except that I don't see whether it supports ALSO
programming with an AVR109-style
self-programming bootloader (i.e. by uploading
stuff to that bootloader via the serial port,
without any intermediate "programming hardware").
See Atmel's "Self Programming Application Note" at:

By fgrepping avrdude's source code (and NEWS-file) I get
an impression that avrdude _does_ support programming
through serial port and AVR910-style programmer,
built according to Atmel's "In-System Programming Application Note"
I.e. the "standard" serial programmer which connects via an RS-cable to
the PC, and to the programmed board (with the main AVR to be programmed)
with "SPI-cable", that in turn is connected to
the processor.



Re: ATMEL AVR-programming using AVROSP on Linux? Does AVRDUDE support self-programming bootloaders?

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AVRDUDE can be used with AVR910-style programmers. There is also
support for the Butterfly bootloader. And you can use non-standard
baudrates with all RS232-programming protocols ;-)

Don't forget to look at the docs for performance hints.


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