Video to ethernet 'Black Box'

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Hi all,

Had a thought that there are 'legacy' security video systems that
might be updated to current technology.

Although these systems may work fine over coax to a recorder (most
likely a VCR), I was thinking that maybe a 'black box' unit could be
used to convert video to compressed MPEG streaming video and sent via
ethernet - also WiFi.

I'm not talking about video baluns via cat5 here, but some form of
streaming that may be used like the current IP cameras which could
then be used with open source software like /

Anyway, just a thought...

Cheers, Phil.

Re: Video to ethernet 'Black Box'
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sounds a lot like a PVR.

Re: Video to ethernet 'Black Box'
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Sounds a lot more like a video server. and *many* others which
are much cheaper.
Clint Sharp

Re: Video to ethernet 'Black Box'
Yes Clint you are right, more like a video server.
Actually I searched for a while and didn't find one, thanks.

I should have also said "small black box" actually with single video
in/ethernet out.

The reason being that there may be cameras at fairly different
locations and I guess
why I was thinking of this is that WiFi could be used.
And yes, I know video signals could be sent instead of WiFi, but I've
found signal losses and noise a major problem
with that approach.

Re: Video to ethernet 'Black Box'

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Jaycar and others sell those video link wifi boxes, which would allow you
to centralise the video conversion and storage/serving.


Re: Video to ethernet 'Black Box'
Thanks for the reply Jasen.

Actually, not much like a PVR.

Why I had the link to Zoneminder was to show something that not only
had the ability to record but to
also have control over what is captured from each camera, mask out
specific areas for triggering, trigger alarms etc. and also have the
ability to connect from anywhere and view/control everything from a
Web browser.

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