Safety Alert LED tubes

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Re: Safety Alert LED tubes

"David L. Jones"

** I understand that all, currently available LED tubes have another safety
issue  -  ie that unlike a fluoro tube,  there is continuity through the
length of the tube sufficient to deliver a lethal shock.

This presents an unusual hazard when the tube is fitted or removed in a live
situation  -  sometimes necessary in large installations.

The use of gloves is recommended.

....  Phil

Re: Safety Alert LED tubes
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Also there is no provision on existing light fittings to earth the
tube also as this has never been needed on regular tubes.

Big problem if someone is up on a ladder to change, fit or clean the
tube and gets a nasty shock, they could also fall.

The shock would be made worse by the fact that you usually touch both
the tube and the light fitting when you change the tube, so your
can easily connect directly across the mains. I wouldn't trust that
painted finish as being a reliable insulator, especially in older

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