Car Immobiliser Trouble

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If your car has an immobiliser (if you are WA chances are high) this may be
helpful. If you drive only newish cars don't bother reading on:-)

The engine of my car stopped last night and couldn't be re-started: no ignition
voltage, in fact no lights on the instrument panel at all. I suspected the
immobiliser (it was immobilised alright!)and opened it up.

After locating the black box under the dash, pulling it out and removing some
very sticky tape and a cable tie, I saw that it was built in 2003. It has the
type code 6XR V4 and seems to be this model:
( )

4 screws needed to be removed to open it up. A visual inspection was enough to
locate the problem:
There are two relays soldered on the PCB.
The solder on the coil terminal pads had suffered vibration stress and gone all
crumbly, so the relay coil connections had gone open circuit.

After re-soldering it works just fine again.

This could have been an intermittent fault and stuffed me around a lot!
I was kind of lucky.

(If it happens to you and you DIY, make sure you disconnect power first or you
might cause more damage)


Re: Car Immobiliser Trouble

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Hi Tony,

Haven't had any problems yet - touch wood.
Thanks for the heads up.  I'm sure others may have been bothered by this


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