Use of the Rasperry Pi as a Mythtv frontend

(For any who don't know, Mythtv is an awesome TV recording and playback
system and the Raspberry Pi is an Arm computer that is tiny and yet capable
of 1080-line video output.)
Is it feasible to use the Raspberry Pi as a Mythtv frontend? It certainly
has the graphics output facilities but I wonder how fast the Pi would find
and read the video files.
Option 1: run the mythtv-frontend program on the Raspberry Pi. Would this
work? Would it overload the Pi? I have recorded thousands of TV programmes
and my current Core2 machine takes two or three seconds to carry out some
tasks such as to build up and display the list of recordings.
Option 2: run something lightweight on the Pi and access the files directly.
The video files are stored as standard mpegs that could be easily played but
the file names are made up from the channel and the date of recording. The
frontend would need some way to read the database to map the title and
subtitle of recordings to the file name.
Any other options? Anyone using the Pi for this purpose?
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James Harris
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I'm doing something like Option 2, I have a few simple scripts. One that compares a list of recordings on my MythTV backend to a list held on my Pi and copies over the file and some details about the recording to a USB HD on my Pi. It also removes "watched" files from the Pi and asks the backend to delete recordings that are no longer needed.
The other main script scans the details on the Pi, lists out available recordings in a text-based menu and uses omxplayer to play the selected one. It then gives options to mark the recording as "watched" and to flag the original file for deletion.
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I downloaded the XBMC image for that purpose. Works good.
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G. Morgan
Be sure to get the unlock password for hardware based MPEG decoder for clean playback.
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