ubunu on Pi4, raspi os on Pi4

tried it, booted OK, no gcc by default
apt-get ggc gets me a gcc that generates compile errors for
all code that has globals defined in header files, useless, removed it (all of 'buntoo').
Would it not be nice if clueless idiots stopped destroying perfectly good libraries.
Anyways, at this point back to writing my own stuff.
More crap and I drop raspberry and Linus yes I know it is called Linux.
I did write a multitasker 30 years or so ago....
Never understood the problems the guys have.
raspi os
ps avx shows too much crap, dbus sucks, things are moving away from Unix
more and more, everybody invents their own bugs and languages, modern desktops that
make no sense whatsoever are written by the clueless for the clueless it seems.
Boot times are insanely long and now have you watch a black screen (is it finally dead??)
for ages (longer than 20ms is BAD IMO).
All that while more and more GB memory and more and more GHz processor speed, and more and more power consumption.
The audio line output of my raspberry Pi4 has about 1 MHz RF on it, needed to filter that with a lowpass,
Some X11 libs are not OK some things are no longer working on Pi4 that have been working on Pi3 and my laptop for years...
Takes hours to fix stuff or work around it,
Faster to write it from scratch?
I give the foundation a 4 on a 1-10 scale, like in kindergarten
And maybe its the brexit, you gotta be different?
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So submit a bug report - if you haven't done so already.
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Martin Gregorie
As Ubuntu is based on debian, I add c compile stuff in ther debian time-honoured way of doing
apt-get install build-essential
it not only pulls in gcc but many essential header files and libraries as well. Dependings on your projects you may need to pull in suitable "-dev" packages (libs and headers) for any extra libraries you code requires.
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