So far, so good

Everything seems to be working fine. All the advice I've received,
here, is spot on. Successfully completed udate and upgrade yesterday.
Gonna test camera module, today.
One thing, though. I'm having a heckuva time trying to get x windows
to fire via ssh from pi to my slackware box. I've tried ssh -[xXY]
pi@ip_addy from both my slack tty and from xterm (konsole) as user.
No combo seems to work. I see pi's .xsession-errors file mention
something about not being able to find a yada/black/yada file. Is
that a reference to my using fluxbox based on BB on my slack box?
Another error sez can't find .xauth file, or something to that effect.
Mine or pi's. My home dir only has an .Xauthority file, which is a
"magic" file or some such sillyness. Izit cuz my slack box is totally
non-gnome (it has gtk+)?
I've done X via ssh before, using putty on an XP to my Slack box, but
forgot how.
nb --fergetful geezer
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Dzieki, notbob, za post o tresci:
Could you try installing "xauth" on the Pi?
Tomasz Torcz                 "God, root, what's the difference?" 
xmpp:         "God is more forgiving."
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Tomasz Torcz
Err do you need an xhost + on the box *displaying* the X ?
Dave Saville
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Dave Saville

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