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Hi all,

Can any one recommend a solution to this problem.

I have one of my Pis set up to boot into the GUI desktop as user pi and start a program. (In this case vuze but others will be added later).

The Pi is connected to a TV via HDMI so I can see the program's progress.

However there is no keyboard or mouse connected to the PI as I normally communicate with it via ssh.

While this gives me access to a new command line session, or a new desktop if I use ssh -X I am unable to control the existing desktop.

Just like when I use Remmina and xrdp - always a new desktop.

I would really like to be able to control the existing running desktop.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Yeah, vnc does this ("connect to :0"). The information is out there but still a bitch to set up if you're new to it, in my experience.

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You will have to read the manual.

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