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RB> As root: apt install iptables
-bash: apt: command not found
RB> Are you sure this was the right question to ask?
Pretty sure it may not be the right answer that was given...
Don't assume everyone is running a Debian-variant.
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Dan Clough
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Re: Re: how to install By: Roger Bell_West to ZOT on Fri Jun 21 2019 10:25 am
I presume you know which distribution the person's running?
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Adam Clark
Re: how to install By: ZOT to All on Fri Jun 21 2019 11:46 am
Which distribution are you running that doesn't have it installed out of the box?
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Adam Clark
As root: apt install iptables
Are you sure this was the right question to ask?
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Roger Bell_West
Just don't ask OK ...
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Nick Norman
It' very old version, one of the first ( weezy ? ) This raspberry was left since years and I am now trying to restart it. apt-get update or apt-get update fail with some files and site missing?! apt-get install iptables also. I bet I only can download a fresh version ( does that exist for one of the fisrt raspberry?. Or simply leave it like this and re-use it?
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I think that should be fine
Presumably you need an up to date 32 bit buid.
Upgrading a linux computer is time consuming, but not hard
Copy any thing special off te pi first, the nuke the installation with a fresh one, the re do all te custom configurations...
if its a totally new applicatin upgrade and start again.
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The Natural Philosopher
Is there anything on it you need? If so, make a copy of it on an SD card using a USB SD card adapter.
Then download a recent Noobs distribution from the RaspberryPi Foundation
formatting link

Use noobs to set up a new installation on a new 4GB or 8GB SD card, and then put the stuff you saved back in place.
Finally, work out a schedule that suits you for making backups and doing regular software upgrades and do it. Mine gets a weekly backup followed immediately by a software upgrade.
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Martin Gregorie
Hello Philosphere,
Yes, I am using the 2018 Raspbian an RISC OS builds on my oldest Pi 1B. I think the 2019 versions will do the same.
For this task I made a textfile: Personalisation to not forget a step, as I do this once a year only.
Not allways. Some times, I just want to run the old version ;-). The new version has bugs, or do things I donot like, or misses something the older version still has.
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Henri Derksen
Hello Martin,
Use NOOBs only to try out and find out your most conevenient OS, but NOT for production use. Use Raspbian or Ubuntu if you want Linux, but NOT noobs, as it is unreliable and incomplete compared to native Raspbian, Ubuntu, or RISC OS.
I am building every year a complete new fresh setup. Mostly after the 14th of March. This year I look for de Pi 4B and the most recent OS that works on all the Pi machines, old and new ones ;-). Then you can insert every (micro-)SDcard in every machine.
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Henri Derksen
Den 2019-06-20 kl. 21:57, skrev Dan Clough:
he did write "It' very old version, one of the first ( weezy ? ) "
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Björn Lundin

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