Configuring UFW on Raspberry Raspbian Weezy

Hi all; I'm quite newbie and I would like to configure UFW for my needs. I read some docs, but I'm not sure to do correctly what I want, so I'm asking for help.

If I'm right, I have to:

Firts of all, deny all incoming connections sudo ufw default deny

Then, open the ports for the software i use: sudo ufw allow 80 (elinks browser)

sudo ufw allow 49164 (rtorrent port)

sudo ufw allow 587 sudo ufw allow 993 (gmail ports SMTP and IMAP)

sudo ufw allow 21 from (FTP port to allow my DHCP ipod to FTP from rpi)

More or less, it seems all. Please, would you like to tell if all is OK? Maybe I'm forgetting something?

Thank all and bye,

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Giorgio Palandri
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