Transformer connector in old Schumacher lead-acid battery charger?

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Hello all!

I have an old Schumacher car battery charger, model SE-60, that I am
trying to repurpose for something else (powering 12 V lighting).  It
is probably about 20 years old.  The main component is a transformer
that is probably rated for about 120 W, as it was a "10 amp" charger.

The primary side (120 V) of the transformer has a type of quick-
disconnect that I haven't seen before.  The windings are terminated to
small metal "boxes" on the edge of the coil former, and the wires to the
rest of the charger have a slotted tab connector that plugs into the

The charger was partly disassembled in the past and not all of the
internal wiring is there, so I only have one of the slotted tab
connectors, but I need two.  I can probably Dremel on a standard 0.25"
or 0.187" tab connector and make it work, but I figured I'd ask to see
if anybody recognizes this thing.

Photos of the connector in question, on 6.3 mm (0.25") graph paper:

The overall width of the forked end is about 3.5 mm.  The slot is
about 1.5 mm wide and 3.7 mm deep.  The overall length of the flat
portion (in other words, excluding the crimp barrel), is about 8 mm.
It is crimped to a piece of 16 AWG wire.

I know the transformer basically works; for bench testing, I just
jammed some bare wire into the "box".  For production, I would like it
to be a little more secure.

I took a quick look at the 3M (Scotchlok), TE (nee Amphenol, Faston),
and Panduit catalogs online, but I didn't see anything that matched.
The closest thing I found were fork terminals for small studs or
screws (#4), but even those are a little bit too big.


Matt Roberds

Re: Transformer connector in old Schumacher lead-acid battery charger?
On Thursday, 21 March 2019 22:21:05 UTC,  wrote:
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Your nearest thing is going to be some form of crimp connector. But the transformer may deliver more than 12v, that needs checking first. Of course V_out will rise if underloaded too.


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