SOP-16 to DIP-16 converter, ant tips

The off-the-shelf ones seem either the easy way round,small to large, or too bulky. I've about the space of 3 DIP16 stacked on top of one other to play with, after removing and replacing a large choke, for access purposes. Existing pads are for SOP-16 but only DIP-16 ICs available. At the moment I'm thinking 16 short lengths of thin plain tinned copper wires soldered to the pads. Thin short sleeves over every other wire. DIP-16 glued in place over the original site and then the 16 wires soldered to the DIP16 pins. I tried ,as a test any old DIP16 chip, bending and splaying the pins to engage in a .05 inch , SIL,header socket . That would work , just, but unlikely be able to compress those lines of pins widthways, as well, for the width of SOP IC pads and still line up with the pads.

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