Sony KVM1621 16" crt TV

Hi, i'm italian so be patient with my language... one day i've opened a tv which i suspected in cold solderings, but i've done a stupid error when discharging the big cap, i put the discharger in the wrong place, in the scheme below i marked C and D the right point for the Cap and A - B the wrong place i done.

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After that tv brokes and i can only say which measurements i've done on the IC and the transistor and the correct values from scheme sheet:

IC pins my measure scheme meas.

1 -41,x -41,2 2 222 0,3 3 303 268 4 9 0 5 -33 -33

on the transistor B 9 0 C 222 0,3 E 0 0

transistor and diodes are not short or open.. i've found that the two resistors that goes from

  • of the big cap (point c) to the pin 2 of the ic , in series, one measure 200k instead of 270k the other 115k instead of 120k (this maybe my tester inaccurate) , thankyou, bye...
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sorry pin 2 is 303v instead 0,3 and pin 3 is about 230v i don't remember well..

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