Sharp PG-M20S DLP projector has no light output.

When this Sharp PG-M20S projector is powered up, the power led comes on, then a few seconds later the lamp led starts blinking green. It blinks slowly 11 times and then stays on. After a while longer, the led lamp blinks

11 times again. After a few cycles of this, both the led lamp and the power led turn a steady red. Then, the internal fan powers down with the led lamps remaining both red. You cannot power it back on until the power cord is unplugged and plugged back in.

Continuity to the two pins of the lamp measure open but I'm fairly certain that this is not how you test this lamp. Is there an easy way to test the lamp without substituting it with another one? The replacement lamp for this projector is over $400 and not returnable.

Thanks for your reply.

David Farber
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The bulb status is usually determined by the panel lights. You'll have to get the codes somewhere.

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Meat Plow

Call a few tv shops with those blinking led reports and maybe one will be nice & offer help . It might have a bad ballast , i have run into this

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