Parts for older Electronic Stuff

Does anyone know of any sources for NOS parts for 70's to 80's electronic goods.

I have found stuff to fix much older stuff but seems that recent stuff was just too brand / model specific.



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You'll have to be more specific than that.. what kinds of parts do you need? Why can't current generation parts suffice? If you're looking for generic parts (capacitors, resistors, semiconductors, etc.), then there are a number of outlets that can supply your parts. If you're looking for OEM or model-specific parts, such as mechanical parts or assemblies, then your best bet is to try to find another unit of the same model and salvage the parts from it.

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well that really narrows it down to about a million different things, from nuclear reactor control panels to walkmans. please expand!


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Readily available, start with the catalogs/web sites:

Mouser, DigiKey, Allied Electornics, Newark.

Then their is Chester electronics in Kenosha, Wi and Largo, FL Fair Raio Sales in Lima, OH for military surplus Many, many others !

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