MYSTERY Compaq Laptop is "Alive" Again!!!


It's "alive" again (second time)! After a few months of storage (RTC/CMOS battery removed), I hooked it up and it boots up!!! This is the second time this Compaq Presario 1200XL needed a long rest before coming back to "life"!!!! NOTE: When it "dies", it will not boot up a few days to a week afterwards. I had tried this procedure both times, but this "mystery" laptop needs a long "rest" before it can be brought back to "life"!.

I "flashed" the BIOS via SP15611.EXE Rom Paq downloaded from I installed a new RTC battery, but I will keep the main battery removed. NOTE: The first time it "died", the main battery was installed. The second time it "died", the main battery wasn't installed.

I will no longer use this "mystery" laptop for anything important on the chance it will "die" again.


Before you type your password, credit card number, etc., be sure there is no active keystroke logger (spyware) in your PC.

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I found hundreds of postings regarding the Presario 1200XL series laptop with the same or similar problem as I have (see my original post below).

It is my impression that one common cause of this problem is the flash bios going bad. It seems that somehow, there is a connection with a dead RTC/CMOS battery and flash bios!!! I replaced my dead RTC/CMOS battery (like many others did), but that isn't enough.

I read several reports that stated the laptop was brought back to life after the flash bios was replaced, along with a new RTC/CMOS battery.

My impression is the 1200XL series is a LEMON or this was designed into the system so the laptop last for as long as the RTC/CMOS battery?


Hi, > > My Compaq Presario 1200XL laptop/notebook won't power up (dead). > > Note: I service TVs, etc. but not computers except my own. > > I checked the power micro switch (AOK). I removed the >battery, then tried to power it up again the next day without >installing the battery. Also, I used a bench power supply set >at 19Vs as a sub for the AC adapter with the same results. >I checked the 5 amp fuse on the mother board. > > When I press the power button/switch, there is absolutely no sign >of a response (reason I checked micro switch). > > The only indicator that lights is the one that shows the AC adapter >is plugged in. > > If I could get my hands on a schematic, that will be a big help. > > Thanks in advance, Brad >
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If you don't have to use it as a portable, leave it plugged in.

I've had similar (though not exactly identical) problems with a ThinkPad

760D. The "dying" might be the computer trying to go into sleep or power-down mode. Have you checked the settings? (You might have accidentally changed the "Power schemes". It's all-too-easy to do.)

If that doesn't resolve the issue, make a note of the BIOS settings, then replace the CMOS backup battery.

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