momentary pushbutton switch

I am looking for a push button switch that turns on when it is pressed down, stays on while it stays depressed and turns off when it is released.

I am running into "momentary pushbutton" switches such as this candidate:

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Do switches like this meet my qualifications?

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humbled valiant
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What you are looking for is a push-on/push-off switch NOT a momentary switch. A momentary switch will only be "ON" while depressed.


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One of us is confused. I say the referenced switch is what he says he needs.

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Yes. Those are called "arcade switches" and as long as you use the C and N.O. terminals it will stay closed as long as held down.

Yours truly, Mr. Klay Anderson, D.A.,Q.B.E.

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Klay Anderson

The one he referenced is single pole double throw, snap action. I would have interpreted that to act like a change of state relay.

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Tim R

Oh wait, I missed the word momentary in the product description. Never mind.

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Tim R

** Absolutely.

The linked example is "microswitch" with changeover contacts and a rather chunky actuator button.

Should be able to handle a fair amount of current and voltage too - long as it is switching AC.

.... Phil

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Phil Allison

switch specifications usuallyy have the following notoations

ON-(ON)-none and shorting or make before break thus an (ON)-none-ON switch would have 2 positions. One momentary and the other ON.

The notation of poles and throws are also used, thus SPDT is a single pole double throw (two positions).

Shorting switches were used in audio where both adjacent connections are made simultaneously for a brief instant to avoid pops. This is usually used for rotary switches.

Watch switch ratings: The AC and DC ratings can be very different.

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Ron D.

What the OP wants is a simple pushbutton switch, like a doorbell switch.

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