Is this UHF tuner analogue or ditital ?

Without foreknowledge about the make and model of TV or PVR or whatever , and not powering up with a signal, any probalistic indicators? Date ? Size ? eg cigarette pack size analogue versus match box size multiplex/digital ? Are there dual tuners that could hande both conventional and multiplexed signals?

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There is in my LCD TV, but I haven't taken it apart to look.


I'm thinking cas boot sale or hamfest seller/buyer situation In the UK after this march then cost next to nothing , if an honest seller - analogue Much spondulics, again if honest seller - then digital.

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Back in the days of the GRAND TV switch to ATSC, I carried a card in my wallet listing all the settop boxes that could do OTA ATSC. There weren't very many.

"I'm not sure", is a pretty good indicator that it's NOT.

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If it's just a tuner (i.e. IF out), I'm not sure why it should matter. ATSC was specifically designed to occupy the same bandwidth as analog, so a decent tuner should handle either. The only possible problem might be if the local oscillator has a lot of phase noise. That would not bother analog, but could mess up digital.

Any demultiplexing would take place later in the signal path -- after the signal is decoded sufficiently to allow discovery of information relating to the multiplex.

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** ATSC is usd in Canada and the USA.

The UK, Europe, India and Australia use DVB-T.

** Correct.

A modern UHF tuner for digital TV is likely to be very compact.

The term " digital tuner " is used in the trade to describe digital TVs with antenna inputs.

... Phil

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Phil Allison

^^^^^^^^^^ Is this similar to, say, plenty spendolas?

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