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Hello all, I am trying to replace this damaged component (attached photo). I'm pretty sure it's a surface mount capacitor but I can't figure out what it's values are or where to get a replacement (digikey?). Thanks to anyone who can help!


begin 666 IMG_2932.JPG M_]C_X `02D9)1@`!`0$`M "T``#_X02`P`! M`````P`.``F2`P`!````&0!#`@J2!0`!````8 (``'R2!P!^`P``: (``(:2 M!P`(`0``Y@4```"@!P`$````,#$P, &@`P`!`````0#4``*@`P`!````( H` M``.@`P`!````F (B8J2DY25EI>8F9JBHZ2EIJ>HJ:JRL[2UMK>XN;K"P\3% MQL?(RKR\_3U]O?X^?K_V@`,`P$``A$#$0`_ M`/3+?Q]J1G-Q!%:/9AWBETT@OL&,97/\_8^M!2V7A]K*WBNR1>2*/WA) ,IQU(R.>@S[5T46B:=-9,D4,MM=M=-*9E92 M".G(R>?7_P#7_#%*$JU-6DK>A_7=:=6,U8ZV`?;O#]CJUU"EO:F$!W*8'FL# MA3Z\?WNE8*VT%U(+>*9"Z0#S5;GG/#L!VXKI="LM6L-.N/.F34K&"YB>>SOE M!A,H^ZSKW.#Q6!>(8KZ:6"W-D]S,S/"J'8JYS@$Y./J>/SK246E>^IA*I*46 MK:]S7T'3+F\N)X>('M+B-K=%0?.J@'(_$=.:]:UB>QU73K9K2U"ZFU@R:PCR M$K([$\C'(.".>!V('?QDZY-;*;L1_P"E* 1+%/A&1?X2.S?SKMM)\>(MJTSV MT

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It is a surface mount electrolytic cap. The value could be either the top figure, 100uF or the bottom one 10^8 pf which is also 100uF. The other figure on there only makes much sense if it is the working voltage at 16v. However, I have to say that most sm electros in a value of 100uF, are usually rather less than 16v rated, if only because of restraints in physical size. Just as a matter of interest, what do you believe to actually be wrong with this cap ? I have mostly found them to be pretty stable and reliable unless they actually leak onto the board. You should note that if you check them with an ESR meter, you are likely to get readings which are rather higher than you would get with a conventional leaded cap of the same value / voltage rating. This is quite normal, and does not necessarily indicate any fault with the component.


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shows how to read those numbers.

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This datasheet shows a series G cap:

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