Heathkit AR-1500A power transformer

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I was just ready to pitch this beast into the sweet bye and bye when my you
nger brother stopped me.  It belonged to my father and my brother wants to  
repair it and keep it for sentimental value.  Personally, I never liked the
 sound of it, but that's another story.

This quit working some 20 years ago when the bridge rectifier shorted and t
ook out the power transformer.  

Is a transformer something that could be found?  Any idea where to look or  
what forum to join?  Did another Heathkit model share the transformer, perh
aps earlier incarnations?

Absent that, is it worth parting out or trying to sell the carcass on ebay?
  My oldest brother built it for dad and I can guarantee the wiring and sol
dering are first class.

Re: Heathkit AR-1500A power transformer
If you have the manual, check for the output voltages for the transformer.  
 It wasn't anything special.  You may find a new one with the same output v
oltages.  IRRC, the AR-1500 was able to work from either 120 or 240V.  If y
ou know that it will be connected to 120, the search for the transformer sh
ould be easier.  I may have the manual for that model around.  I will look  
and post any info I have.


Re: Heathkit AR-1500A power transformer
I think the AR-1500 was the same as the AR-15 with updated cosmetics.  And the AA-15 was just the amplifier part of the AR-15.

There is a listing on eBay for a power transformer for the AA-15.  If you are lucky it could be a direct replacement.  Otherwise, it is probably pretty close, and you might only need to add another small transformer to power the tuner section.  

Re: Heathkit AR-1500A power transformer
John-Del schrieb:
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Maybe someone here


is able to help you.



Re: Heathkit AR-1500A power transformer
If the part number on the transformer is 54-181, then you might be in luck.  
There is one listed at Play Things of the Past web site  
(http://www.oldradioparts.com ) for only $15.00.  I've ordered from them  
before, but not recently.  they're legitimate folks.
Be sure to follow the HOW TO ORDER instructions... it's a one-man operation,  
so be patient.
The transformer is listed in the Power Transformers list (item 1372-053  
(http://www.oldradioparts.com/2a23efl.txt ).
The only drawback is that they have a $20 minimum order, so you might spend  
some time with your AR-1500 and see if there might be something else you  
need to get for it to help fill the minimum.

Dave M

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