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Again ... AA leaked ... Duracell (crap) too many times experienced Duracell leaking.

Cleaned the contacts with a diamond tip rotary tool. Nice and clean and shiny now.

But, wondering what might be a good way to protect the contacts.

1) solder tin - contact on plastic so will probably melt the plastic 2) lay on gold leaf - will it stick well enough? 3) leave it alone - until next time

I can do either but not sure what works best.

Suggestions please.

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In the future, try swabbing the schmutz off with plain old water. That removes the deposits better than any chemical you can try. If you get to it fast enough, the plating is often still good. Once you abrade it, you lose the plating.

I have an old Emerson transistor radio that had it's contacts ground down. I ended up soldering to the metal for strength and put the batteries in with a coating of dielectric grease. Never a problem between battery changes.

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I've tinned with tin/silver solder, but it's hard to get good coverage. Sometimes takes acid flux, and you have to spend some time and effort cleaning up aferward.

For coil springs, I've bent new ones from bronze music wire (about 0.020 to 0.030" diameter). And for leaf springs, you can buy springy bronze sheet as a kind of shim stock

which, with some effort, can be formed appropriately.

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And, once again, we spend ten bucks on material, fifty labour, on the thing we got for $2 at a yard sale!

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