Bill, Len, others, others who have helped me in the past

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Bill Jr, Leonard C, others, you may be interested in this.

There is a new website called that you might be
interested in. They have been around about a year. This website is for
professionals only. There are no customers, no guys in the basement
somewhere in Europe wanting to tweak their ceiling mouted PTV. There
are no tennis shoes for sale. There is no "me love you long time"
links. It is all meat.

While I am sure some of the tips there might be just "It really was
just a fuse this time", you must prove that you are a professional to
get in. After that you send them like six tips and you get full

I know you are probably on avsforum and actually I will be soon as
well, but is alot more exclusive. They are adamant
about it too, you must prove you're a pro, and they want to know about
your most recent repair job. There is no spam, no fluff, nothing of
the sort. All meat. Well there is a category called Organized BS, but
nobody is selling shoes.

Len, Bill, and I know there are others, you should give it a whirl,
while it may seem slow at times, the content is building.

I highly recommend it, even though it is in it's infancy right now.
There are some forward thinking people there and with what is
happening with technology we need all the help we can get. And I got
tennis shoes.

Anyone in here, if you are a PROFESSIONAL you might want to check it
out. Customers, do it yourselfers and spammers are not welcome there.
You have to prove yourself to get in.

I think it's got potential, it is about repair. There aren't even
people in there with "When I run the video essentials disk it shows a
slight bend". There is no "Da fuse blows".

Now that I mentioned video essentials, I will say this. Thomas
Thornblum would be welcome there. Even though he is not really engaged
in TV repair for hire, he is able to pretty much walk up to the bench
and do the job. He doesn't because he works for Sun Microsystems. But
after selling him some parts and finding out what he did I am sure he
should get in.

There are others here who are very competent as well, and sorry if I
did not mention you.

See you there maybe.


Re: Bill, Len, others, others who have helped me in the past
Thanks for the heads up, Jurb.  I am a member and it is one of many sites
where I share info with other techs.  I don't use it much because I get most
of what I need elsewhere, but it is a good site from what I can tell.


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