741 op-amp and 555 timer project ideas????

i have already known what an op-amp is and also what 555 timer is. But i still have not gotten the idea what's the purpose of the pins. How can i eever integrate the 741 op-amp with the 555 timer?

May you help me electronic people. I'm an electronics engineering student looking for 741 + 555 timer project ideas.



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Any basic electronics textbook or hobby book will explain both op-amps and

555 timers.

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Dave Plowman (News)

Radio Shack used to have some nice booklets full of circuits for timers, op amps, audio, etc....

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Have you looked at the datasheets? Try google, there's lots of projects for op amps and 555s, you have to think of something you'd like to make before you get help making it.

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James Sweet

Here is the mother lode of all schematic websites:

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