Can someone suggest the best safe way to desolder/solder a monster QFP chip?

All I have is a good fine tip 15 watts hand soldering iron.


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Why do you want to do this? The answer will determine the method.

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The carbonbased lifeform NAREN PETLU inspired sci.electronics.repair with:

And a 20-20 eye-sight I hope, although that's probably not even good enough. You'll need at least a good magnifying glass, capable of 5x manification. The pins are only 0.5mm apart, which is too close for most people to see whiskers etc. I use a 20x stereo-microscope for this work.

For desoldering I usually sacrify the chip, by bending the pins upwards one by one with a sharp "surgery" knife while heating the pads. Then with some dry-wick clean the pads.

For soldering I position the chip on the pads, so that two diagonally opposite side are corrrectly placed, apply a little solderpaste (don't even try to use normal solder) on these pads, then keep the chip in place with a pair of tweezers while heating the solderpaste. Then apply the paste on a row starting from a not-soldered corner toward one of the already soldered corners and, while taking care that the pins you're soldering remain on the pads, heat the pads one by one so that the solderpaste flows on and around the pins. No solderpaste should remain between the pads, so use a little as possible.

The solderpaste is easy to apply from a small syringe, I think it can also be bought in one in small quantities.


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