Intel dumps its 8051, 8096, 80186, 386, 486, i960 CPUs

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Hi All,
Intel Corporation has been manufacturing its MCSR 51, MCSR 251 and MCSR
96 Microcontroller Product Lines for over 25 years now, and the IntelR
186 Processor Families, the Intel386T Processor Families and the
Intel486T Processor Families for over 15 years now. Additionally, we
have been manufacturing the i960R 32 Bit RISC Processor Families for
over 15 years. However, at this time, the forecasted volumes for these
product lines are now too low to continue production of these products
beyond the year 2007.

Therefore, Intel will cease manufacturing silicon wafers for our 6" based
processes in 2007. Affected products include Intel's MCSR51, MCSR251,
MCSR96, 80X18X, 80X38X, 80X486DXX, the i960R Family of Microcomputers,
in addition to the 82371SB, 82439TX and the 82439HX Chipsets.

Intel has no choice but to issue a Product
Discontinuance Notice (PDN) effective 3/30/06. Last time orders will
be accepted till 3/30/07 with last time ship dates of 9/28/07.

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