anyone used silicon labs CP2103-EB?

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Hi all -

I got the Silicon Laboratories CP2103-EB inteface kit from DigiKey.  This is
an adapter from a standard USB connection to provide a standard RS232
interface.  It comes with an interface adapter board, a USB cable, an RS232
cable, and a driver disk.  The kit works great and is reasonably priced.

I have been having a problem in trying to use two of these kits with my
laptop simultaneously, though.  When the first kit is plugged in, it is
correctly enumerated and the Hardware Profile shows a COM port available.
When the second kit is plugged into the USB, it has an error.  If I exchange
the two kits in plug-in order, the problem follows the second kit.

Has anyone used two of these kits in the same system?  Is there a trick to
getting it to peacefully coexist with multiple units?

I've tried the Silicon Labs website.  They are no help at all.  I have tried
sending e-mails on multiple occassions and have had no returns.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: anyone used silicon labs CP2103-EB?

This may not help you, but on the other hand...
I have a similar device; only one though.
Some times this one seems to not work. This is normally caused by the
fact that the inserted device does not correspond to the reported COM
port i.e. in the Control Panel/Device handling?/Ports. Double clicking
the com port in question reveals the properties. Here you click the
ports and then the advanced. At this place you can change the comport
used for your device and properly you might do that.
Try and see if it helps. Otherwise: though luck?
Hope is not the answer for your problem, but it might give you some hints.
Good hunting.
Cheers Klaus

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Re: anyone used silicon labs CP2103-EB?

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Thanks for responding, Klaus -

I did find the method of changing the com port number to one I wanted to use
by doing exactly what you suggested.  The default installed port was com 6
which I was able to successfully change to com 1.  The first port responds
exactly how it should and I can set up a HyperTerminal session to it, etc.

The problem is really trying to get the system (Windows XP) to recognize the
second device the same way so I can change the com port to com 2 and use
itm, also.

I guess its tough luck :)


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