what's a good place to start?

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Hello everybody,

   I'm new to building linux embedded systems, but I'm very curious, and a
friend of mine has customized some PC's wich could perfectly use a linux
embedded operating system.  Now where should I start?  I've build a few
Linux From Scratch systems, but those are still way to big...  Where do I
start to make a real small, fast and stable system? say 10 Mb in size?  Are
there any howto's for this?


Re: what's a good place to start?

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in size?

well, somebody in my old training company (he posts in thsi NG, too) teleld
me that Elinos has an IDE.
There you can develop nearly like in any other programming language.

I have used it myself for programming an radio link control interface...

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try this


there are too many...

-- MMilitsch

Re: what's a good place to start?
You should try taking a class from Karim Yaghmour or buying his book as a
starting point.
He does a great job of showing you how to build an entire distro from the
ground up.
Building Embedded Linux systems.... a must have for people starting out with
Linux.  There are multiple options for slimming down your distribution that
are discussed in the class and the book.  I personally thought the class was
well worth the $$...

Best Regards,

Edwin Bland

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Re: what's a good place to start?
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Does your desktop PC support booting from USB devices?  If so, you can
learn a lot with just a $20 USB "pen drive" and your desktop PC.  No
need to buy any new computer or install a development kit.  Turn your
USB disk into a bootable little Linux system.  Some things to try:

* Get it to boot to a command line.

* Replace /sbin/init with your own program that does something

* Run a GUI like KDrive or a program you wrote with Allegro.

* Run Apache and some interesting webapp

* Set it up so it just has a kernel and initrd image and boots into a
read only filesystem in memory.

* See how many different kinds of PCs you can get it to boot on,
including configuring networking, audio, video, etc...

Re: what's a good place to start?
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  Maybe you should have a look at


  you can actually build a system in good time provided you don't mind
  spending a few $'s in getting the required infrastructure...a microcontroller  
  kit..or even an FPGA prototyping board....



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