very interesting test result of portable HDD Armor A70

Triple Test Quadruple Security SILICON POWER Armor A70 A walk through fire without a burn, Received excellent reviews from famous Hungary online video media. For more information pls visit below link:

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Since Silicon Power has announced Tough Marine Warrior =96 Armor A70 Portable Hard Drive, it received multiple media awards. Armor A70 continues the spirit of Armor series, the Armor A70 is in compliance with US military standard MIL-STD-810F 516.5 procedure IV (Transit drop test), and also in compliance with IEC529 IPX7 waterproof tests. Besides, Armor A70 also features dust and pressure-proof features. Seeing is believing, this time, HOC, and Gamestar, all of them are well-known online media in Hungary, testing Armor A70 personally to show us the strength of Tough Marine Warrior.

In order to test if A70 can really undergo the unexpected situation such as rain and liquid-spillage, the reviewers of hardver-teszt and Gamestar threw A70 into a bucket full of water without hesitation. After a while, he took out A70 and tested it. Obviously, this test didn=92t affect the perfect performance of A70 at all.

Suddenly, we saw A70 drop out from almost eight stories high, fallen on the sidewalk. And then we connected with computer again. It proved that the abilities of A70 to withstand shock and vibration force were undoubted.

It=92s not the end; here came the tougher task after. The anchor of HOC drove a RV weighted almost 3 liters, rolling on A70 back and forth cruelly. Not only was the appearance flawless, but also maintained the best condition to read and write data.

Suffered from those test, we proved that A70, under the elegant and fashionable veil, still possess the practical characteristics of water, pressure, vibration and dust proof. Moreover, Gamestar also impressed by SP widget accompanied with the A70. All of those Hungarian media can=92t help to admire the high performance of Armor A70. =93Armor A70 is almost an unbeatable portable warrior!=94

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