Unix flavor OS embedded on Soekris 4801.

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I'm looking for a "ready to use" distro or a good procedure to install any
kind of UNIX flavor OS on Soekris hardware.

Here's the minimum requirement.
One setup with :
- DNS with Bind.
- DHCP with dynamic update of DNS.

Other setup with :
- Quagga or at least Zebra for dynamic routing.

I don't care if it's Linux or BSD stuff.  I just want something simple to
install.  I don't have time to mess with installation stuff.

I already check with m0n0wall and PFSense but they are Firewall oriented

Thanks in advance.


Re: Unix flavor OS embedded on Soekris 4801.
I run on a 4501 fine with a CF created by this SDK.

You can link to, read about and download from my home site


V1.3.6 is just comming out, I would still go with v1.3.5
which is more proven right now.

There are many sample burnscripts included, 2 CF burn utilities
and lots of docs to make life easy.  The SDK is big, but you can
download archives based on the architecture you need and the
functionality desired...  Start with the base+i486a archive and
go up from there.

For the Soekris, make sure you pass the keyword 'serial' to any
of the Burnscripts you use or to ./makeCF (if you use it by
hand). Read README.MAKECF in the Documentation directory. After
the flash is created, mount the CF locally and verify that
lilo.conf and fstab were setup correctly.


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Re: Unix flavor OS embedded on Soekris 4801.
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You should try http://buildroot.uclibc.org

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