SNMP on embedded Linux device

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I develope a device which should
send alarms when something goes wrong.
I would like to use snmp and send traps.

I run snmptrapd server.

Then created MIB:

    IMPORTS ucdExperimental FROM UCD-SNMP-MIB;

demotraps OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { ucdExperimental 990 }

demo-trap TRAP-TYPE
    STATUS current
    ENTERPRISE demotraps
    VARIABLES { sysLocation }
    DESCRIPTION "This is just a demo"
    ::= 17


And finally used command :

snmptrap -v 1 -c public TRAP-TEST-MIB:demotraps 6 17
'' SNMPv2-MIB::sysLocation.0 s "Alarm"

Unfortunatelly, man pages and tutorial is poor for
me, and I am not able to understand idea of
snmp traps and even meaning of parameters for

I would like just to send (alarm code in integer of string)
trap to snmptrapd server, when something is wrong with
a device.

If you provide me with some good materials or explanation
how to do it, I will be glad.

Thanks in advice,

Re: SNMP on embedded Linux device
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You'll probable find more help in a news group related to snmp, such as


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