Raxda quad core ARM board goes open sourced

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Raxda quad core ARM board goes open sourced

(sold out already :(  )

(Lite lesser version still available:
http://store.radxa.com/products/radxa-rock-lite )

You can buy these boards with 2GB RAM and 8GB
flash to install Ubuntu distro, Android distro,
Xubuntu, Lubuntu and so on.

The quad core ARM chips are readily available
to build own boards:


Lot of prebuilt images available to download on
to the machine.


The entire hardware is open sourced


This includes the PCB Gerber files, so you can understand
how to lay out boards and make your own boards
using Open sourced PCB creation software
like KiCAD that runs on Ubuntu and other distros.


A large amount of datasheets on the RK3188 quad core
available to design your own systems:

The 2GB RAM quad cores usually take about 20 seconds to boot from flash.
with performance similar to PCs for many desktop applications.
There is no SATA but USB can be used with SATA drives
if needed. Also possible to if you are designing your own board,
then use eMMC - They are low cost and the more
recent eMMC modules have performance similar to SSDs.

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