Panel PC Recommendations?

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This might be a little off-topic, since I'm asking for hardware
recommendations. I apologize if this annoys anybody.

I'm looking for an attractive, inexpensive, Linux-friendly wall-mount
touchscreen panel PC with a 10/100 Ethernet (or 802.11 wireless)
interface.  It only needs enough CPU horsepower, RAM, and storage to
run an X server, because it's just acting as a remote interface to
another PC on the network.  The touchscreen should be color, and the
size should be between 6" and 10" diagonal, with a resolution of at
least 320x240 (640x480 would be better).  Fanless would be best.  And
as mentioned, it must be attractive!  A nice aluminum or stainless
steel bezel would be excellent, though a well-done plastic bezel would
be OK.  Preferrably, all the connections (power and network) would be
in the back, so that the cables can run through the wall with no cords
showing.  It should either be very thin, or else be able to be
recessed into the wall.  A power-saving mode with very rapid wake-up
would be a nice bonus.

Price, unfortunately, is a factor.  I've seen several such panels in
the $1400+ range, but it seems to me that the technology ought to be
cheap enough now to get something for under $1k, but maybe it's a
matter of low manufacturing volumes because of low demand that leads
to higher prices.  If I must spend more, I will, but I'd still like to
know which panels have rock-solid Linux support.  I'm happy to run any
flavor/distribution of Linux, or even other unix-like systems, and
while I've never worked with an embedded Linux distribution, I've had
lots of experience with full-scale distros, know how to compile my own
kernel, etc.  I could probably even roll my own mini-distro if I had
to.  (I would rather NOT use some quirky, semi-proprietary variant of
Linux supported only by the hardware vendor -- something widely used
and community-supported would be best.)

TIA for any advice!


Re: Panel PC Recommendations?
On Tue, 22 Feb 2005 02:40:31 GMT, Randall Nortman  

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well, a panel pc is a little out of the way, but not by a lot, since it's  
usually an industrial board behind an lcd.

seems what you'd do well with, since cost is a big factor, is an epia  
board, m-atx power supply, an industrial frameless colour lcd panel, and a  
brushed aluminum picture frame from the dollar store, the on board video  
could easily handle an x server, at 1024x768x24 3d with ease, even the  
cheapest models.
epia board~50$ for an older model, even fanless.
power supply~25$, unless you wanted a hefty ruggedised model that could  
even stand occasional immersion in lava. sells some real  
nifty dc/dc adapters for epia boards that will allow them to run from  
battery power, also flash-ide adapters for a no moving part setup, no  
moving parts=lower power use, less heat.
screen, colour, 640x480x8.4", w/ touch panel, industrial frameless~500$,  
mouser has some nice ones, integrated touch screen, ain't gonna find an  
industrial screen cheap anywhere, but you could use a gray scale if you  
wanted to go even cheaper, like, less than 100$.
hard disk~whatever price you want, but there's some rather cheap 20 gig  
laptop drives floating around.
i quoth US dollar cause i have no idea where you are, and there's some  
better prices than canada, curently, or i'd quote canadian to really throw  
you off.

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Re: Panel PC Recommendations?
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This is an interesting approach, and I certainly should have thought
of it myself.  But I can do one better -- why bother with an expensive
industrial open-frame panel?  There are now very cheap (<$300 for 7")
touchscreens meant for dashboard mounting for car PCs.  (Google for
Lilliput or Xenarc touchscreens.) I figure that I can probably find a
way to mount those on a wall instead, right?  I can recess a fanless
Epia into the wall behind it, and I'm good to go for under $600.

Minor problems might be that these things seem to want 12V power from
a cigarette lighter; I'd have to splice together a connection from the
PC PSU instead.  Also, it seems the drivers for the touchscreens can
be tricky to get working under Linux, but it seems it's possible.

I wonder if maybe some of the home automation folks have similar
things meant for wall-mount... perhaps I'll dig around there.

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Where are you seeing Epias this cheap, fanless or otherwise?  Are you
talking about used models on eBay?

Thanks for the suggestions!


Re: Panel PC Recommendations?

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If you can find someone to make a case. Then have a look at
This just need 5 volt dc powersupply, a harddisk and a case
The price is for the 6,4" is belov 900$
A harddisk 2.5" belov 100 $
Powersupply 50 $

/ Peter Andersen
/ Skanderborg
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Re: Panel PC Recommendations?
I use the FRED from
They sell also a version for wall mounting. It has 800 x 600 Pixels and
8 inch. They have also a pricelist on the net (in EUR).



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