MTD concat HOW-TO?

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I have two separate flash devices located at different addresses.  I
want to use the MTD concat kernel functionality to make the two
devices appear as one device.  I have configured the kernel to support
MTD concat.  However, I don't know how to get it actually working.  I
have searched extensively for a HOW-TO on MTD concat, but have found
none.  Does anyone have anymore information on this subject?



Re: MTD concat HOW-TO? (Andrew Carlisle) writes:
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Probably the easiest solution would be to write a map driver of your
own (its not that hard, really). Examples to look at would be:


(You might want to look at the last two first because the dilnetpc
sample is a bit more tricky than the others. It uses concat on top
of partitions, i.e. it splits the physical flash into partitions and
uses concat to put them together again (in a different oder, though).)


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