MicroXwin 2.0 Release for MIPS Au12XX and x86

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Hello Developers,

We have a 2.0 Release of MicroXwin which includes several bug fixes
and an updated XRender implementation.
You can download demo for RMI's Au12xx, Au13xx at
http://www.microxwin.com/db1200qtdemo.tar.gz .
This demo includes:
1. MicroXwin 2.0 based X11 implementation.
2. BlackBox window manager and RXVT terminal.
3. QT-4.6.0 demo.
4. Aurora Browser.

Demo has been tested on dbau1200 but kernel modules for other RMI
platforms are provided.
Also X86 demo for Ubuntu and Debian have been updated.
For more information on MicroXwin please visit http://www.microxwin.com .


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