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I am working in arm926ejs processor,i am writting the arm interrupt controller code,below i have mentioned reference code,my doubt is where can i write appication cade in ISR.pls guide me....

Interrupt vector table **

***************************************************************************/ #define RESETV 0x00 /* Reset */ #define UNDEFV 0x04 /* Undefined instruction */ #define SWIV 0x08 /* Software interrupt */ #define PABORTV 0x0c /* Prefetch abort */ #define DABORTV 0x10 /* Data abort */ #define IRQV 0x18 /* Normal interrupt */ #define FIQV 0x1c /* Fast interrupt


// Init Interrupt vector table // IRQ *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+ IRQV) = (Int32U)__sfb(".intvec")+IRQV; // FIQ *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+ FIQV) = (Int32U)__sfb(".intvec")+FIQV; // Undef *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+ UNDEFV) = (Int32U)__sfb(".intvec")+UNDEFV; // SWI *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+ SWIV) = (Int32U)__sfb(".intvec")+SWIV; // Prefetch abort *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+PABORTV) = (Int32U)__sfb(".intvec")+PABORTV; // Data abort *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+DABORTV) = (Int32U)__sfb(".intvec")+DABORTV;

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