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hi ,

I am working in  arm926ejs processor,i am writting the arm interrupt
controller code,below i have mentioned reference code,my doubt is
where can i write appication cade in ISR.pls guide me....

Interrupt vector table
#define RESETV        0x00  /*
Reset                                       */
#define UNDEFV        0x04  /* Undefined
instruction                       */
#define SWIV          0x08  /* Software
interrupt                          */
#define PABORTV       0x0c  /* Prefetch
abort                              */
#define DABORTV       0x10  /* Data
abort                                  */
#define IRQV          0x18  /* Normal
interrupt                            */
#define FIQV          0x1c  /* Fast interrupt


// Init Interrupt vector table
  // IRQ
  *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+   IRQV) =
  // FIQ
  *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+   FIQV) =
  // Undef
  // SWI
  *(Int32U *)((INTR_TBL_BASE_ADDR-IRQV)+   SWIV) =
  // Prefetch abort
  // Data abort

with regards

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