IA1/IA2: More questions than I have any business putting in one post

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I found a IA1 tucked away in a corner at the local curio store/radio shack,
and was toying with purchasing it.  Midori and jailbait both look fairly
interesting, but I don't see anything like a feature list anywhere.

What runs on midori and jailbait?  I've seen the configuration guide, and it
says to point a web-browser at the IA1's localhost:80, but it doesn't say
what to open it with.  What kinda browser is on it?  Can it run more than

Also, has QT-Embedded been ported to it?  If most of the stuff I have on my
Zaurus would port cleanly to x86 architecture, that kinda thing would kick
ass.  Does the trident video chipset work in the fb?

What is the difference between the IA1 and IA2 machines?  Can Linux be run
on the IA2?


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