i find diffulty in starting embedded using vxworks.

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all hi!    ^.^

sorry that my bad english skill.

i'm university student in korea. (major : electronics)

please help me.... E3%85A0%.E3%859C%

i was take lectures on linux embedded.

even if it was very elementary and using linux contents,

it gave a self-confidence to me about using vxworks.

but,,,, too,,, difficult

my board is a pxa255 of xcale systems and version of the vxworks is

i know that there are no BSP about pxa255.

so, i try to make a bootloader by remodeling other BSP.

some files (rominit.s ,  sysalib.s, config,h , makefile, syslib  and so
on) on boot sequence has been rebuilt for pxa255,

but, this way was failed to remodeling at this point by insufficieny
advanced knowledge.

here are no ways?

just,, i want to make (or get) bootloader image for my pxa255 board.

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