Free RTOS baed linux

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I'm making a study about the real time OS based on linux. To do that I
would to know if anybody can give me information about an RTOS on
which one he worked or studied.
Indeed to do my repport I want to answer for each OS at those

- Supported Target CPU
- Supported Network
- Kernel ROM/RAM (min, max)
- Min RAM per process
- Min RAM per thread
- Min RAM per queue
- Number of priority level
- Thread switch latency (Typical, Max)
- Guaranteed Max Interrupt latency (typical, max)
- System Clock Resolution
- Multiprocess supported ?
- Multi-CPU supported ?
- Scheduling policy ?

If you have those information (for any CPU or architecture) please
give me them (don't forget to specify the CPU when it's needed). I'm
especially interresting by FreeRTOS, RTAI, RTLinux (free version), ...

Many thanks

Re: Free RTOS baed linux
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my interests is very similar and I would like to have this information too.


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