Filesystem for SD cards?

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Dear all,

Which file system is best for SDCard? For me recovery after hard
shutdown/reboot is most important. Thats why currently I am using Ext3.
Which other filesystem on linux can provide such reliability and also
count on wear levelling through fewer writes on the card? I think Ext3
writes journalling information quite frequently.


Re: Filesystem for SD cards?
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It has been discussed several times in this forum:

With CF/SD-cards recovery from power fail can't be improved by choosing
any file system.

The card itself does some housekeeping at unforeseeable times for an
unforeseeable duration after a write request. If power is lost during
that period, not only /some/ data is lost, but the card can get
unaccessible for good and can only be recovered by a low level
formatting that often can be done only by the manufacturer.

There is not even _any_ documentation about the power fail behavior of
such cards is available from the manufacturers. They are simply not
meant for being used in critical applications.


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