clone ext3 partitions to smaller disk

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I need to clone EXT3 partions to new smaller hard disk.
I thought to create manually partition table (by fdisk) on my new disk with
correct partitions size, then I will copy every partition content by followed

cp -dpPR <source> <destination>


find . -mount0 -print0 | cpio -0dump <destination>

I wish to use whole size of my new disk which will host the new resized
I thought to reduce by Gparted partitions on original disk but it's very
difficult to get exact size which correspond to new disk size.

Suggestions ?

Re: clone ext3 partitions to smaller disk
On Tue, 22 Jan 2013 22:45:40 -0800, rickyleroy2011 wrote:

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create new partition

boot to rescue cd/dvd

mount partitions  

rsync -var <old partition> <new partition>

install grub

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