Cannot share memory (mmap)


I have serious problems sharing memory in my embedded Linux application. I have looked up the Linux documentation, found some code snippets and in addition used it for years in Windows but it will not initialze here. Here is my condensed code:

int init_mmap(void) { unsigned char result; int fd;

fd=fopen("shared_mem.dat", "a+"); shared_mem_prt=mmap(0, 1024, PROT_READ+PROT_WRITE, MAP_SHARED, fd,


result=0; return result; }

The file already exists, has the correct size and does open. The problem is that the mmap always return -1 which means a failure and errno return subsequently 9. I have tried various other open modes and shar modes but each time with the same result.

Can sombody please tell me what I am doing wrong?

I need this to communicate between two different applications. Is shared memory the best way to do it or are there other ways in Linux? (Sorry but my background is windows)



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What exactly do you want to do ?

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What is your operating system ? If it is uClinux, it seems dosen't support PROT_WRITE in MAP_SHARED options.

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As I recall, some architectures also require PROT_EXEC with PROT_WRITE due to hardware limitations.

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Ed Skinner

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