[ANN] Free proprietary license for CodeSynthesis XSD/e

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We have introduced a free proprietary license for CodeSynthesis XSD/e[1].
The new license allows you to use the generated code to handle small XML
vocabularies in proprietary (closed-source) applications free of charge
and without having to publish your source code.

The license allows you to target any number of platforms and upgrade to
any future releases of XSD/e. It comes with best-effort, community
support via the public mailing lists. For more information on the new
license visit the Free Proprietary License page:


Background on CodeSynthesis XSD/e:

CodeSynthesis XSD/e is an open-source, cross-platform XML Schema to C++
data binding compiler for memory-constrained and light-weight applications
such as mobile and embedded systems. It provides event-driven, stream-
oriented XML parsing, XML serialization, XML Schema validation, and C++
data binding while maintaining a small footprint and portability.

XSD/e supports a wide range of general-purpose and mobile/embedded targets
including Embedded Linux, VxWorks, QNX, LynxOS, iPhone OS/iOS and Windows

[1] http://www.codesynthesis.com/products/xsde /


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