Access UART from kernel module without writing new low level driver for UART ?


i want to access serial port (PC, other Linux based hardware) from a kernel module, but without writing a new low level driver. Is this possible ?

Background: We have a device which is connected to the serial port. We can access this device without problems from user space programmes via /dev/ttySx. But now, we want to move the control software into a kernel module. I don't think we can still use open, read, write to /dev/ttySx anymore.



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Martin Maurer
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I suppose you are right, as the Kernel Module performs a user/space Kernel/space transitions for any data transferred via the read / write interface. If it would be possible to use this interface from Kernel space data would need to be retransferred from/to Kernel space.

I suppose your best bet is to use the serial port driver source code to create your own driver.


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Michael Schnell

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